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What would you do for 8 lbs of cheese?

The world is a crazy crazy place. I'm continuously amazed at the breadth and depth of what human beings come up with for activity and entertainment. Take for instance "Cheese Rolling". Every year in Gloucester, England they hold this event. Someone rolls an 8 lb round of cheese down the hill and people chase it. The winner is whoever gets down the hill the fastest. All this and to top it off you get tackled when you get to the bottom. It takes a special kind of athlete to partake in this event. Ask yourself: How did they come up with this idea? I once read that culture is the interaction of of people and their environment. That definitely holds true here. I wonder if the beer tent is at the top or bottom of the hill? Tuesday's Workout: Skill/Tech: Squat Snatch - Play with 60% of your max Workout: Wall Ball/Burpee Ladder 1 Wall Ball (20/14 lbs) 1 Burpee 2 Wall Ball 2 Burpee 3 Wall Ball 3 Burpee... Keep climbing! Amrap in 12 minutes. We've done this as a warm up for 5 minutes. I tried it for 12 last week (14 rounds even). A real mental battle. Hit it hard and do not let up. It's just way to easy to rest. Move fast and swift. Be vigilant. Burpees are strict. No flopping. The only part of your body that touches the ground other than your hands and feet is your chest (unless you are doing them on your knees). Finish the push up (lock the elbow) before the knees come up. Just a little note about how to score amrap (as many rounds/repetitions as possible). Say Koala gets to 12 full rounds and does the 13 wall balls but only gets 11 burpees. His score would be 12.24 because he did the 12 rounds and only 24 of the possible 26 reps of the next round. Hugs and Kisses, Shep