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What's holding you back?

Imagine a boat with 8 rowers at the start line of a big race. 

Rowers 1 through 7 can row effectively at 28 strokes per minute.

But Rower 8, despite their best efforts, can only row at 23 strokes per minute. 

If the boat hopes to stay synchronized, can you guess which rower is going to determine their cadence?.

It makes sense that Rower 8 will hold everyone else up doesn't it?



Rower 8 is the boat's Rate Limiter. 



Focusing time/energy to get Rower 8 up to speed will help the boat go faster.


Now, imagine your body is the boat.

And Rowers 1 through 8 are:

  1. Localized muscular endurance.
  2. The heart - Left ventricle size, or heart wall thickness.
  3. Breathing - Respiration musculature, CO2 tolerance, capacity, or breathing mechanics.
  4. Movement or structure or position of the proximal and distal structures of the body.
  5. Psychology/Self Talk - "Fatigue is an emotion".
  6. Recovery - Exceeding recoverable volume. ie. training like a professional but recovering like an amateur.
  7. Skill - Efficient technique.
  8. Neurology - It's all neurology.

What's holding you back?

It may be different than the guy/gal standing next to you.

If it is, does it make sense to train the same way that they do?

Teasing out, and addressing what's holding you back guarantees you're not wasting your time. It'll always be a high yield investment.

But, "How do I know what my endurance rate limiter(s) are"?

I'm glad you asked. 

One of the keystones of the Project Endurance program is a thorough and ongoing assessment process that helps uncover weak links.

You can find more information here: What would you do with a bigger engine?

And here: Level up your stamina with Project Endurance, fall 2018.