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Where are your favourite places for your favourite foods in Vancouver?

If you're into eating, Vancouver is a great place for food. From restaurants to produce grocery stores to delis, there are so many gems hiding in this city.

I'd like to share a few of my favourite places for some of my favourite foods in East Vancouver, and a few from downtown. The drive has a lot of little gems, and it's getting better all the time...

Cheap Sushi: Naruto sushi on Commercial and 12th (right near Darby's pub). Love their Samuri roll and their toro sashimi.

Prosciutto: For deli meat, prosciutto isn't cheap, but at Santa Barbara on Commercial, a few blocks north of 1st, it's pretty inexpensive ($2.29 for 100 g). They are super busy, so you know everything is fresh as they're going through it quicker than most delis. If you can, go in the morning or mid-day during the week, so you don't have to wait in line for 30 minutes...

Tom Yum soup: Noodle box! There are a few locations...Main street, downtown etc...Giant ass bowl of delicious thai soup. Their spring rolls are also amazing.

Vietnemese: Ahn and Chi on Main and 20th. It's sort of a fusion of modern and authentic... Super fresh and good quality.

Reliable Avocados: Sometimes finding well priced and reliably ripe avocados are tough to come by! Again, Santa Barbara takes the cake. In fact, all their produce is pretty damn good.

Fancy breakfast: Cafe Medina on Richards: Very different and memorable. Thought goes into everything they serve. Great coffee, too. Forrage on Robson street. Like Cafe Medina, everything seems to be homemade, even their butter and jam. Finally, Yolks on Clark Drive. Eggs benedict extraordinaire!

BIG breakfast: If the poky, fancy breakfast isn't for you and volume is what you're after, Red Wagon and Tangent take the cake. Below is a picture of the Red Wagon's melt-in-your-mouth pork belly...

Meat: Famous Foods on Kingsway. Lots of non-mediated and organic meats and well priced. Just don't buy produce there. 

Sandwiches: La Grotta del Formaggio.  Loaded with meat and cheese and all sorts of delicious toppings, like olives and roasted red peppers and artechokes...

Post some of your gems to comments. Best place for pizza? Mexican? Wings?