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Whibley’s First Sky Dive

As a Crossfitter we encourage you to try new sports, new activities, new experiences. The whole point of working our asses off every week is so we can better enjoy/tackle life. What would be the purpose of all this fitness if it were never applied to the world outside school. Go do something that scares and excites the hell out of ya! The Following video is of our friend patty Whibley, taking his first sky dive. Whibs is a good friend, a tireless supporter of Crossfit Vancouver and a talented, very well rounded, fun to be around individual. Now I know he is one charming dude, and I know all the girls love him, but there is no way this dude is good looking. He may be beautiful, but he is sure nothing to look at. Have a look for yourself and post your response to comment. Is Whibley good looking or or just beautiful. With Love.......Patty smile