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Whiteboard Reference

You may notice one whiteboard that never changes. Well, at least not as often as the rest. Typically about every 6-12 weeks you’ll want to have another look at it. It’s in the back southwest corner of the facility, just over the bumper plates. 

Class Programming

Here you can remind yourself of what we’re focusing on during classes. Remember it’s not the only thing we’re doing; it is however what we’re mostly doing. 

Main Lift

Secondary Lift

Gymnastic Skill/Strengrh


Mad Mobility Programming

This is what we’re doing on Saturdays at 1130. The focuses here compliment what we are doing in classes, but still hold value alone. Think of them of as the necessities to do anything in class, or life. Everyone needs a good working...




General Preparation (Warm Up)

It’s just that, a no brainer approach to warming up. You’d be surprised what kind of tension and lethargy you can erase through a simple warm up. Don’t obsess about reps. Show up early and hack through some of these basics before turning your attention to the focus of the day, or your individual needs.

Cycle Preparation (Warm Up 2)

After your body temperature is up and you feel lubricated, you can use your remaining time to to prime and challenge your movement. Not difficult enough that you can’t repeat it, but enough that you can yield a good stimulus. This will primarily rotate through some articular drills and core work to program your body to work even better. The better these feel, the better your output will become. 

Make sure...

You get 2-3 exposures, per week, of a skill or strength you want to get better at. Don’t spread yourself too thin. 

Use your time wisely, but don’t complicate things. Take the time you have and cycle through a few things. You’ll get to know what gets you feeling the best. 

Meet with your coach to fill in the gaps or find substitutions/progressions to skills and strengths you’ll have difficulty with. We’ll always have progressions of the day, but your coach can align you with something that’s golden for you, just you. 

Keep fit and have fun. 

Coach Chesty via Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta