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Who has ever seen a Sasquatch???

I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend, the local mountains were a little wet but it was alright cause the snow had stuck around! My bro BK is a snowboarder now!!! I guess the CrossFit has paid off for him cause his legs were strong as he learned he was able to keep progressing each run. If it hadn't turned dark on us he'd probably be scouted by sponsors at this point! Did everyone stick to the Paleo this this weekend? I broke down three nights in a row! (no integrity this weekend) As for today well I'll get back on it. If you had trouble post to comments. It was so great to get the feedback from you guy's/girls in the coaches meeting on how we could make CFV even more outstanding, I want to thank you all for your input, it is truly you who make this place what it is! We will grow together & continue to improve our box in the New Year! Much Love, Charlie image Oh yeah its back the Dirty ol Sasquatch! Coaches warm up with a tabata mash up of: Hollow rock/Superman rock Technique: review S-D-H-P & Push Press. Work out weight is (55/75)lbs. scale if needed. Complete: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 for time of the following: sumo deadlift highpull / push press. The Big Los (Carlos) is back in the house, lets see who can take down his gym record from the last box! Here is a Video of Snowball doing a heavy set of Back Squats. He might have a little Sasquatch in him.