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Who We Are

CrossFit Vancouver started out as the first CrossFit affiliate in Canada. We opened our doors in 2005.

From the start, our owner Craig Patterson wanted to make a difference in his clientsand coaches lives. It became obvious a couple years later that the fitness industry had a huge problem: most personal trainers have little to no training and business experience. They manage to eek out a living making $25 an hour for a few years before leaving the industry in search of a better wage.

Patterson wanted to change this. He knew the important role his coaches were playing in their clientslives.

He wanted to create a facility where his coaches could develop the necessary technical tools they needed to become an expert coach, as well as earn a professional wage self-sufficient entrepreneurs. He wanted his coaches to be able to raise families and buy homes in one of the most expensive cities in the country. By 2010, CrossFit Vancouver had transformed itself into into a registered School of Fitness, the only vocational School of Fitness in Canada.

Today, MadLab School of Fitness is a teaching facility that raises coaches to become career-long coaches. Our coachesclients stick with them for life. No other fitness facility in the country can say the same.