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Whole Life Challenge Begins Saturday September 29!

We are starting our fall Whole Life Challenge this Saturday, September 29.

Ive been doing this challenge pretty much since we've started them (5-6 years ago?)

Back in 2007 we called it "The Flab Challenge".  We dieted and worked out hard for 10 weeks and all lost weight and became more fit.  We measured our body composition before and after with a light x-ray technique.  You can still get this done here in Vancouver at BodyComp Imaging.  I especially l iked going for the finishing celebratory meal at Nick's Spaghetti House!  :-)

Around about 5 years ago we adopted The Whole Life Challenge. We've known the creator Andy Petranek for 10+ years and he has really built an amazing project here.  It is a much more comprehensive program that centres around building you positive and effective habits for improving and maintaining your health.  

These daily habits are:

  • Nutrition
    • There are varying degrees of how strict you want to make your nutritional commitment.  
  • Exercise
    • You should move every day... Whether it is a workout at the gym or a nice walk on the Seawall.
  • Mobility
    • Mobilize everyday!  Multiple times even!
  • Sleep
    • You can choose how much sleep you will get every night and can work towards getting it.  This is a big one as sleep is one of the major ways we recover.  You can learn much about your sleep and pre sleep routine by staying committed to your number.
  • Hydration
    • This is a no brainer... However, poor hydration is a problem everyone battles with.
  • Well Being
    • These are weekly practices. Sometimes you have to clear out some clutter somewhere in your life (desk, car).  Other times you can't eat in front of screen (phone, computer, TV).  These are usually great and offer some useful learning.
  • Reflection
    • This is a little reflection you log on our team's page everyday.  Its always great to hear how others are managing the WLC.  


You keep a numerical score on each of these everyday.  The website hosts all this.  Its a lot easier than you think to navigate this all.

Click here to join up with MadLab School of Fitness. :-)

I become a better human every time I do this challenge. Its not as though my lifestyle is that bad... But when I do the WLC I workout a bit more.  I mobilize a bit more.  I eat a bit better.  I make sure I drink more water and get more sleep.  I learn more about myself by doing the weekly challenges.  I loose a bit of weight.  

I FEEL BEETER!!! That is why I keep coming back.  I get results.  


We do a little weigh and measure on the starting and ending Saturday of the Challenge.  We also test a workout at the beginning and end to evaluate our improvement.  So this Saturday arrive just before 11am to get measured etc.   Workout will start at 11.15ish and we will be done by 11.30am.  Boom!!


Hopefully see you in the Challenge!!