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Whole Life Challenge Starts in 10 Days

Change your habits for 6 weeks and you could change your WHOLE LIFE

Challenge starts April 14th.

We have about a quarter of those signed up last year.  Last spring we had 55 Madlabers and few friends of ours participate

We’ve done many Whole Life Challenges in the past and many people have been amazed that a few staple tips that can make the Challenge a little easier.

Shelly Wolf put together many in the list of 16 below.


Success Strategies for having a successful Whole Life Challenge experience.

  1. Do What’s Hardest First

If it’s meditating (one week always has this as Well-Being Practices ) get up a bit earlier and devote some early morning time to do this. Get up and drink at least twelve ounces of lemon water first thing.

  1. Exercise Is Not About Losing Weight

Exercise is about having a daily relationship with your body.” When you commit to that “relationship,” the focus shifts from “how hard” or “how long,” to simply “showing up for yourself.” And if you do that consistently for eight weeks, you’ll feel like gangbusters.  

  1. Be snack ready

Don’t go anywhere without snacks. Bring sliced apples, raw almonds, and carrot sticks to work.   Don’t ever rely on there being compliant snacks out there on Commercial Drive – there often aren’t.

  1. Healthy Attitude

From Susie: “The first time I did the Challenge, I believed shopping for and cooking compliant food was too time-consuming. It felt harder because it was unfamiliar. But I maintained the attitude that whatever time I spent learning these new things would pay off in the end. That attitude really helped, as many things I struggled with at first have become habit.”

  1. Pour Yourself a Cold One

From Diane: “I had never been one to drink water – I just didn’t love the taste – but I noticed that whenever I went out to eat, I drank water liberally. I decided to buy myself a stainless steel water pitcher, which keeps the water super cold. I fill it daily (sometimes multiple times), slice lemon into it, and place it in the fridge, front and center. I now drink a ton of water every day, starting with a big, cold glass every morning. I feel like it jump-starts my metabolism and makes me feel good.” 

  1. Fruit Hack

From Jill: “Fruit sounds great conceptually, but I find a whole day can go by without my eating any. But cutting fruit up and storing it in the fridge in clear glass dishes somehow makes it irresistible. There is always a brightly colored stack of fresh-looking options at the ready. And sprinkling a few grains of kosher salt on the cut fruit (especially summer fruits) results in a dramatic burst of added flavour.”

  1. Use Your Teammates

From Eva: “If I find one of the weekly Well-Being Practices particularly difficult, either because of schedule or my mindset, I post about it to my teammates to get ideas about how they made it work for them. I’ve gotten great guidance about how to fit things into my day that never would have occurred to me on my own. Also, playing that role for my teammates helps motivate me. It’s so helpful and fun to do this with other people. You can celebrate your success together.”

  1. Pencil It In

From Leigh: “If you have young kids and have to fit in your meditation, food prep, stretching, (and whatever else) around shuttling them all over town, don’t freak out. Plan for it. I put the next day’s WLC activities into my calendar every night before I go to sleep wherever I can fit them. Then, I live by my calendar.”

  1. Plan Your Meals Ahead

Kelly and I like to lay out meals in advance for the week. She finds a lot of the great recipes that are WLC compliant and now we have a bunch that are go-to favorites, that we eat off the challenge regularily.

  1. The Big Grill

From Connie: “Every Sunday evening, I grill six chicken breasts and a big flank steak, and I hard boil six eggs. I then have protein for the whole week. My go-to snack is protein-rich: strips of grilled chicken and guacamole.” Bake up some compliant Bacon as well.

  1. Cook Once, Eat Twice (or Thrice)

From Sue: “I love eating fresh whole foods, but there are days when it’s just easier to heat something up and make a small salad. So, every time I find a stew or soup that I love, I triple the recipe and freeze it. (I have a lentil soup recipe I’ve actually multiplied by five!) I freeze in double servings for my husband and me.”

  1. Think Bountifully

From Yvette: “Midway through my first Challenge, I decided I needed a more bountiful mindset about food. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t eat (specifically, the buttery croissants in my neighborhood French bakery), I began to really appreciate all the things I could eat – especially some things (like butter) that I used to limit in my diet for fear of gaining weight. This mental change instantly made me stop feeling deprived, and also made me appreciate the bounty of support available to me from my team and from the website.”

  1. Think: Mini Meals

From Emma: “If I feel hungry between meals (often around 3:00pm), rather than think ‘snack,’ I think ‘fourth compliant meal’ and make a very small serving of something I might eat for lunch or dinner: a mini dollop of yogurt with a few berries and nuts, a small cup of lentil soup, or a tiny portion of last night’s Asian chicken and bok choy.”

  1. Indulge Yourself

From Lisa: “Unlike some WLC members, I use most of my indulgence tokens. They allow me to feel balanced and that success does not require perfection. Indulgence tokens also feel like a small reward for acting mindfully during the Challenge. If you can stay very disciplined in the first couple weeks, you will quickly accumulate bonuses to be used for that second glass of wine when you need it.”

  1. Say Bye-Bye to Baggie clothes

From Kim: “As I became leaner, I put away my baggy clothes. It helps me to wear clothes that really fit. For some reason when I wear something that is roomy I feel as if I have permission to ‘cheat.’”

  1. You Can Rarely Go Wrong With Veggies

From Greg: “I try to work vegetables into all my meals, including breakfast. I use big leaves of lettuce as a substitute for bread, for example as a hamburger bun or for sandwiches. I eat carrot sticks with peanut butter as a late afternoon snack. Cobb salads are available at many restaurants and make a filling, compliant dinner. If possible, I also suggest marrying someone who will cook compliant food for you.”

 Have fun with these Tips.

To give and get support throughout the Challenge with your teammates is sooo important.    If you’re a repeat player, please help the others with the teams comment feeds! Everyone will appreciate it.

So if you want to learn more about making healthy choices in a way that doesn’t add stress to your life? Join us for the Next Whole Life Challenge. This six-week challenge will improve your mind, your body, and your daily habits, leaving you happier, healthier, and in control of your lifestyle.