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Whole Life Challenge Starts this Saturday

Remember to sign-up for the Sat September 29th start of the Whole Life Challenge.  You can join the MadLab Team HERE and be able to track your daily progress against other teams around the world and your peers in the gym.

Check out this CHEAT SHEET to get a little information on how easy it can be to incorporate the 7 Habits.

As for the workout.  

10 min to gather as many reps as possible after completing the sled push.

- 60m Sled Push (45lb plate/25lb/empty)

- 30 Toes to bar / V-ups / Tuck up / Sit-ups

- 30 Dumbell Front Squat (20/30lb DB's)

- 30 Burpees

- as many Double Under's/ Single's to time cap.

We'll start 4 person heats every 2 minutes until everyone is through.


See you around 11am Saturday