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Fall Whole Life Challenge - Sep 16 - Nov 11

Doesn't It seem like everyone is either taking a 30-day fitness challenge to do sit-ups and squats, or they’re cutting out sugar for three weeks to lose weight.  But who’s guttsey enough to change how they eat, sleep, sweat and breathe for 2 Months? 

The next eight-week Whole Life Challenge begins Saturday Sept 16th, and the online game draws almost 20,000 players.  Challengers pay $49 to commit to “7 Daily Habits,” earning points for the healthy steps they take and losing points for the rules they break.  Gyms/Friend/people team up and log their points online, and that competitive edge seems to keep people in the game.  

Our crew has seen 15lbs+ in weight loss, improvements in their workouts, had comments about their skin was nicer...and just FELT BETTER!

The key for this challenge was not telling people what they couldn’t do!  You can do whatever you want - you were going to gain points for doing certain things, and lose points for doing other things. - And everyone wants to earn points.  They're like reps for us.

So it's once again it's time to clean up a few summertime habits and challenge yourself to improve.

Each day, you'll get points for completing each of the 7 Daily Habits.


The Habits work together to create an effect in your life that’s hard to overstate — after a few weeks, you’ll feel rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy (and perhaps even happier).

Even better, you’ll have a base knowledge about health and wellness that will last long after the Challenge ends, giving you the tools you need to build a healthier lifestyle for years to come. 

That’s what the Whole Life Challenge will do for you.

When you join our team YOU make a commitment to move to a better place 

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