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Why does Patty call me Meadow X?

Personally I am in awe of elite CrossFitters, the Chris Speallers, Mikko Salos and our own Andy Swartz, Emily Beers or Lumber.  Amazing athletes all and their efforts raise the bar of performance for the rest of us.  I admire them and acknowledge their leadership in our community of results-based fitness. But the people who inspire me, who motivate me to train harder are folks like Olga Kolteko: I want to grow up to be like her! My journey to becoming a CrossFit coach required me to overcome many physical limitations and even more mental limitations so I relate to the non-athlete young or old, the person struggling with chronic injuries or personal doubts, the person who looks at the elite CrossFit competitors and says "I could never do that!" Yes you can.  And I can get you there.  I know because I have travelled that road myself! Sometimes it requires time and patience and, at least at the start, a more moderate approach to CrossFit training and that's where I feel I excel. I get more satisfaction getting a 50 year old non-athlete up a 15 foot rope for the first time (true story) than getting an Olympian 10 consecutive rope climbs.  I'm more excited to hear that you were able to downhill ski again for the first time in 6 years (true story) than about your new personal best Fran time. Corey Lapell (aka Lunger, aka Meadowlark, aka Meadow X) Meadow X Programs: Seniors CrossFit Group: Ages 65+ KidFit Summer Camp: Ages 8-12 Shoulder Rehab Workshop: Identify muscular imbalances and postural alignment issues. Postural and Functional Assessment: Reduce chronic pain, avoid acute injury, correct postural and muscular imbalances Kettlebell Basics: Learn some new Kettlebell exercises and try them out in a CrossFit-style WOD Fight Fit: Blauer Tactical Self Defense Training combined with CrossFit-style combat fitness Judo Fit: Introduction to Judo basics combined with a CrossFit-style fitness component Yoga-Fit: A CrossFit-style WOD sandwiched between a gentle Yoga warm up and cool-down lead by my lovely wife Meadow X Certificates & Training: Education: B.A. Anthroplogy UBC 97, B.ed. (elementary) UBC 98 CrossFit: Level 1 Coach 08 CF Barbell Cert 09 CF Endurance Cert 09 CF Gymnastics Cert 09 CF Kids Cert 10 CFV Nutrition 09 CFV Olympic Lifting 09, 10 CFV Sports Science 10 AKC Kettle Bell Coach 08 TRX Coach 09 BCRPA Theory & Weight Training Modules 03 Self Defense Certifications: Founding Member & Instructor: Canadian Personal Defense Institute Blauer Tactical PDR Coach Certification 2008 Blauer Advanced Multiple Assailants Certification 2008 Blauer Advanced Weapons Defense Certification 2009 Martial Arts Experience: Owner, Director, Instructor: Delta Kaigan Judo Judo Competitor since 1980 Judo Instructor since 1998 NCCP Judo Coach Level 1 & 2 2001