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Why is Glutamine Part of the Fit4You5?

We have all heard about the importance of fishoil, and I have been talking about magnesium for a while (which allows you to absorb other nutrients and causes a calming affect on the brain which aids sleep), but why is Glutamine recommended as part of the fit4you5? image Glutamine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter (acts as a precursor for GABA-the anti-anxiety amino acid) that serves as the chief energy source for many of the bodys functions helps the brain dispose of waste ammonia, a protein breakdown by-product that irritates brain cells, even at low levels. It is most used by the body during times of stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and chronic pain. Your immune system and gut live on glutamine and it helps to restore acid base balance. If your body does not produce enough glutamine, you will experience memory and focus problems, muscle loss, as well as immune dysfunction. Your gut will atrophy, keeping valuable nutrients from being absorbed. Its also important to note that during and after strenuous exercise, glutamine needs increase by as much as 50%. If not replaced, catabolism or muscle breakdown can happen. Besides muscle breakdown, depressed glutamine levels have an impact on the immune system making athletes more vulnerable to allergies and other infectious diseases. And to top it off, it will slave off sugar cravings. For more info check out Article 29 Todays workout: Tabata This Lowest score of any 8 rounds of Tabata Squats + Lowest score of any 8 rounds of Tabata Pullups + Lowest score of any 8 rounds of Tabata Pushups + Lowest score of any 8 rounds o Tabata Situps+ Lowest score of any 8 rounds of Tabata Row =Tabata This score. Becareful on the pushups, they sneak up on you fast! Have fun!!