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Hybrid Memberships at Madlab

Coach Emily speaks about the importance of hybrid memberships:


Though it might seem normal to you, believe it or not, our hybrid memberships are a pretty unique offering in the fitness industry.

Traditionally speaking, the options that exist for fitness include:

1. Globo gym/community centre

The great thing about traditional gyms is that they're inexpensive. The downside is there's generally no coaching, let alone personalized coaching, or accountability, so more often than not people pay a small amount but they don't get fit, or they don't remain committed. I have an aunt who has been paying for Fitness World for 25 years and hasn't gone once. But she never bothers to cancel her membership because it's only $10 bi-weekly and she knows if she ever decides to go back she'll never get that rate in 2020.

2. Personal training studios

Personal training studios are great for personal coaching and accountability, but they can cost people $1,000-plus a month, which is a limiting factor for many. They're also not generally very social. Oftentimes, clients get to know their coach and nobody else, so it doesn't exactly lend itself to a strong, supportive community.

3. Group Exercise: Bootcamps and six-week challenges.

These can be great for camaraderie and social times, and they get people working hard and provide a good sweat. However, there's generally a the lack individual coaching, so people usually end up selecting movements and lifting weights that aren't appropriate for them (based on their training history, strength level, injury history or general movement limitations etc). As a result, injuries are more likely to occur.

While there are benefits to each of the above three options, they all also have some serious shortcomings.

Enter the Madlab Hybrid Membership:

The concept of the hybrid membership—which combines periodic personal training with a consistent coach with group classes (and with individual program design for those who want it)—is that it combines the best of the other options.  With us, you get a personal coach, who understands your wants, needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals, and can ensure you're training in a way that will benefit you. And you also get the social, competitive times in a group, but because you have been properly prepared by your coach, you're able to partake in a way that gives you the training session you need.

In short, you get individualized fitness and accountability, but you also get the fun, the competition and the supportive and social community without paying $1,000 a month (unless you want to stick to private training, like a small percentage of our clients do). 

Ultimately we're here for you: To give you the service you need and want. And after 15 years in the industry, we have found that most people thrive with a hybrid membership.