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Wod numero II from the Crossfit Calgary qualifiers “Speed endurance”

Seeing all you guys/ gals hit that WOD today was impressive. Patty and I were talking about the depth of our athletes at our "barn", and how we could have sent another 5 more guys/gals down to compete. Keep up the good work. Tuesday's workout deals with "speed endurance". 1 km run for time Coaches take your class to the track by Sheppy's place. 1661 Napier st. Sprint 2 1/2 laps (1km) for time... use the pillons to mark your start and end. Give your class a really good running type warm up, and stay away from any weightlifting or metcon type warm ups. Let's let those metabolic pathways rest and recovery. Also, coaches if classes are large , group the fastest in one heat and the "tractor's" in another heat to encourage athlete's to push each other to get the fastest times. If you have no idea what a good time is for a 1 km... use Pete "1 km" Kendrick time as a beacon 3:06 . Good luck Popeye