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Work off that Long Weekend fun!

After a long weekend I sure as hell am feeling the after effects of a few too many beverages, not the cleanest diet and a lack of working out!! How do you come back from a slump like this? Whether it is 4 days, 1 week, 1 month or 3 months????? I have found over the summer it is much harder to stay on strict regime re diet and workouts! There is always something going on, or it is just way too nice out to not have a beer! So now as we head for the cooler months (hopefully a few weeks/months away) how do we get back on track? What comes first??? Post to the comments on how you have gotten off or stayed on track this summer!!! Maybe we plant a garden? This has for sure has been a saviour for me this summer! ALSO...... How have our BATTLE PALEO SUMMER 2011 enthusiasts got on???? What has your weakest link been? You final pinch is coming up so lets see how you have done! We will be pinching on Wednesday after 5pm (just note we are coach the 5and6 classes so please be patient with us), Thursday 12-1pm & 6-7pm: These people are up: Essy, Gunnar, Andrew Wheeler, Lesley D, Brianne, Shiva, Justin, Annik, Audrey, Chris W, Frank, Doreen, Tim, Philipe, Nat, T-Lyn, Candice,Mel And now to work all that fun and goodness off a classic loved girls WOD!!!!! GO HARD! Firebreathers pump the weight up 10lbs!!!! Tech: Clean and Jerk, work up to a weight that you can perfect technique and go for 3 touch and goes x3 WOD: GRACE! 30 Clean and Jerks (ground to overhead) for Time (135/85lb) Make sure you lock out at the TOP! Here is to the start of a short week! GO HARD! Love Ya, Dashie