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5. Work on your resilience

10 Things I’ve Learned About Injury and the Importance of Mindset - (continued)

5. Work on your resilience

I’m an optimizer: When something is important to me, I like to do everything I can to support that thing in the most effective and efficient way possible. So with an injury, I want to know what I can do (or not do) to heal faster and stronger. This includes doing work to prevent the injury from happening again.

Even if the injury didn’t directly result from a weakness, there is likely something you can do to strengthen the greater system that will benefit you the next time you are exposed to physical stress or trauma. Getting stronger—or more mobile, or flexible, or skilled—is something related to the injury that you can influence and make progress on. This increases your overall resilience, which may prevent future injury, or lessen its impact, or help you heal faster should it happen.

Doing the work to increase your resilience is about taking action, and taking action gives you something positive to focus your attention on.

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(Huge thanks to Shana Johnstone for allowing us to share her most recent writings)