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Working the handstand

After this weekend I am eager to try all of the great stuff we learnt. So bear with me if the workouts this week seem a little more gymnastic than usual. Technique: Working the handstand. Coaches will take athletes through the handstand progressions, showing everyone good spotting technique. Many people are very hesitant to attempt a handstand because they are afraid of smashing their head into the ground. With a proper spot that need not be a concern. If there is time you can even start to play on the parellettes. It is a bit easier to achieve balance with a larger platform. Workout: Diane 21, 15, 9 Deadlifts (225 lbs/155 lbs) Handstand pushups - here's the catch they must be strict handstand pushups, no kip! Yes, expect your time to double, even possibly triple and don't be afraid to use the bands. They are great for developing the strict handstand pushup. Now see if you can spot the good handstand (from a gymnastics point of view) versus the bad handstand. What makes a good handstand? What makes a bad handstand?