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Worse than Grover

Surprise if you thought this was the week of Charlie Palmer!  A surprise for you and me both but never fear he will be programming next week instead.  This week enjoy the unexpected programming of Meadow X. My friend was on hand this weekend to watch Canadian MMA standout GSP defend his UFC welter weight title in Toronto.  Here's a snippet of his pre-fight training: Georges St-Pierre (GSP) Training for UFC 129 - Rings OK, they're not the best muscle ups I've ever seen but he sure is strong! Wednesday we usually have our gymnastics focus but I want to adjust for the weather forecast and keep us indoors and dry today. Tech: Pull Up strengthening (coaches go over negatives, holds, corn eaters, round the worlds, etc) Muscle Up and Muscle Up Progressions (with bands) There are no Pull Ups or Muscle Ups in today's WOD so use this time for pull up/muscle up strength development! 7 Pull Up Exercises WOD: Worse Than Grover (aka Ass & Abs) AMRAP in 15 Minutes 10 KB Swings (red/black) 20 Hollow Rocks 30 Lunges