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Wristky Business

I chose to not attempt or bother with handstand work for 6 years, not including the non existent attempts during years prior. When I discovered and developed meaning for it in my training, my relationship bloomed. I attributed my beautiful struggle to weak shoulders, poor kinaesthetic awareness and giraffe-like anatomy. Although many of those aspects were true, there was one fundamental piece missing; the most commonly complained about, yet ignored, wrists. We use our hands enough that we figure they get enough love; unfortunately, tension and excessive use can lead to chronic pain. Usually this pain relates to a severe lack of mobility (flexibility + strength). Imagine what it's like for your wrists to handle your bodyweight in a handstand; even a progression is still bearing down fractions of that body weight. A great handstand is somewhere between 3 and 5 hand widths apart; so when you balance or adjust, even briefly, it will translate to somewhere between 3 and 5x bodyweight on a single support. You might have wrists that don't move at all; your inability to actively control that range of motion is sure to turn disastrous when loaded. When load breaches capacity, injury occurs.   Having prerequisite strength in the wrists and hands will aid in your development on so many levels; more importantly, bulletproof the joints to handle the load, and provide you with the necessary strength to balance and adjust. Resolve wrist pain and make leaps in your development. Successful people do the things others don't...and they're not always fancy.