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X marks the spot

Today's Workout (taken from OPT's blog) X marks the Spot for time; broad jump 300 ft; your reps = X X Double Unders DeadLift 185/115lbs X times X Double Unders Box Jump 30"/24" X times X Double Unders X Ring Dips X Double Unders Row X Cals image Double Unders aren't going to go away gang. Neither are Overhead Squats, Muscle Ups, or Handstand Pushups. If you feal a bit of a pukker when you see one of these in a WOD, make it your mission to turn that movement into a strength. There is no Overhead Squat Fairy to tap good little boys and girls on the crown and make all of their OSquat troubles go away. Your Goats aren't magically going to get better; its only through dedicated daily practice that progress is made. I don't know why, but I can't help but think of Charlie Palmer when I watch this video. Andy