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You Are Cause in the Matter of Your Life.

I quite liked this video. Clearly all CrossFit Vancouverites know the benefits of exercise. With our Paleo challenge some of you are learning what a good diet can do for you. What particularly rang around in my head is that love can change our health and moreover, affect our genes. So, your homework is to tell three people "I love you" today (pets count). Maybe it will even help you with the workout! Monday's WOD Skills/Tech: Deadlift 5,5,5 Workout: The Hawk Max Push Ups 400 m Run Score is total number of push ups. If you break plank or rest at the bottom your pushup round is over. Bring a jersey and/or hat to run in if it is pouring rain. Coaches be strict on the pushups. Chest MUST hit the deck every time. Love Sheppy