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You can get most of your micro-nutrients from liver

image Jailbird Pammer, Heather & Dean Couldn't resist this one. Tony sent me this article for further support that the low fat high carbohydrate diet is bullshit. I think any sane human being now understands this to be true, (although every time I am drinking at a bar some person who knows me drags me over for a conversation with a vegan or a runner who eats massive amounts of pasta to argue the cause) but the reason why I posted this is because my Mom (Heather) and Dad (Deano Vaselino) forced me and my sister (The Beav) to eat liver once a week during the winter...and we both hated them for it. The reason why they forced it on us: Liver provided the necessary vitamins and minerals which had allowed their ancestors to survive the winter when many did not (Historical Note: My Irish ancestors occupied the Gaspe coast, due to ship wrecks during the potato famine...Almost all of Jacques Cartier's French settlers in Gaspe died of scurvey). This life saving information was passed down through the generations to me and my sister. The Point: You don't need a basketful of vegetables to get your essential vitamins and minerals. Healthy Food Thursday's Workout: 10 Deadlift (225lbs/135) 5 Hand Stand pushUps # of rounds in 20 Minutes Be careful of keeping an arched back throughout....Do not bugger yourselves up.