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Your Body Is The Most Important Part of Your Golf Game

With the weather blooming and the most golf courses open its fair to say that golf season is now in full swing.

Ranges and practice areas are opening up as well so now we can practice and play.

This means more volume of swings on your body. This means possibly some unwanted aches and pains.


As a TPI Golf Fitness Trainer, I believe your body is the most important part of your golf game and you should take care of it accordingly. 

I want to make your body more mobile and stronger to withstand the rigours of a golf game and season. I want to make your swing more languid and powerful. We all know that playing better golf is more enjoyable than not. 


I've had clients regale me with:

"I'm hitting the ball a lot further with less effort now."

"Wow, this stuff actually works when you do it!"

"I went down to Palm Springs for 4 days of golf and my body actually felt better after the 4th day than the first because of all the exercises you gave me."


If you are interested in golf fitness or just have some questions about it please reach out to me, Chris Saini, at


Happy Swinging!