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Your Dude Award Finalists are...

Before we tell you the three Dude Award finalists of 2019, which you can vote for RIGHT HERE, a bit of background about the significance of the award in Patty's words:

Every year at Nutts Cup, we honour our friend and comrade Andy Nutts by selecting a member of the community who most exemplifies his strength of character.

Andy was a beauty, and probably the most unique person I have ever met.  He was open-hearted and a giving person, always helping others, always staying late to clean up, paint or help a newbie with a difficult new skill.

Having said that, Andy was not a ‘nice’ person in the way that all too often people who are labelled ‘nice’ are either soft, weak or fake.  He was a strong dude and spoke his mind when shit didn’t sit right with him.

He was in trouble lots, especially in his first year in the military (he got in trouble for speaking out).

He was also cool as hell, and FUNNY!  He would take one for the team, get in a fight for you, help the slow kid in class, get pissed drunk at the parties and pick up the pretty girl (or ugly; it didn’t matter that much to Andy) then bike to work in the rain to teach the 6am class.  HE WAS A DUDE!!!

Without further ado, this year's finalists are:

Surprise, surprise...

1. Emile 'Chesty'

Will it be Chesty's year? At the very least, if he finally wins it'll open up a Dude Award finalist spot next year because Chesty has been a nominee for the last five years, yet has never won the title.

Being nominated each year, however, truly speaks to his consistent character as a coach. Meticulous and patient by nature, this guy is never sloppy or in a rush (could also just be because of the weed's influence), so all of his actions are done with well-thought-out intention, including every time he attacks a 90-90 or cat-camel, and definitely every time he puts a pen to the whiteboard. As a result, clients get his top tier performance every time they show up to one of his classes or do a personal training session with him.

Possible shortcoming: It's possible he believes everyone else is as patient as him and have time to listen to him talk more than they want to train.

2. Ingrid Chiang 

She captured our hearts earlier this when she told her story about her battle with cancer. In case you missed it, here it is.

Ingrid might also be the most generous person with her time that you'll ever meet. Always present and in the moment, she has all the time in the world for anyone who wants to chat her up. Also, she dresses really well (those really pretty tiny little shoes you see in the bathroom are hers) and she'll volunteer to become your personal shopper if you need help. Sometimes she'll even rip an article of clothing right off her body and give it to you if you tell her you like it...

Possible shortcoming: Ingrid is determined to make her membership as cost effective as possible, evidenced her inability to take a rest day and her 2-hour-early arrivals before the 11 am class.

1. Caleigh Ashe

Even when facing some medical stresses earlier this year, Caleigh showed up every single day oozing her always contagious energy, putting everyone around her in a little better mood than when they came in (as she always does). Fiercely loyal and generous, Caleigh frequently opens her home for various MadLab functions. Oh, and by the way, because you have all been wondering: THEY ARE REAL. AND THEY'RE SPECTACULAR!

Possible shortcoming: Her barn cat tendencies continue to lead her to bail on morning classes to continue to feverishly work on her clean or her snatch in the small room. Also, if she wins THE DUDE, she might demand Caron be in the picture with her, as she doesn't seem to be able to be in a picture without her gym wife (this might, however, be Caron's fault).