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Your Neck and Your Golf Swing

The stability and rotational capability of your neck, or cervical spine, is often overlooked when looking to improve the efficacy of your golf swing.

While your head should be staying mostly still during your back and downswing... Your shoulders rotate back and forth.

Guess what - That's your neck rotating.

In this modern information and smart phone age we all spend a lot of time with our neck in flexion. This can cause many problems but the one we are discussing today is a loss of rotation in the neck.

This flexed position makes your neck weak and sore and hinders its ability to rotate.

Now the golf swing depends on the body's ability to rotate around a stable spine position.  If you are losing that spine angle in order to rotate then your swing will be drastically inconsistent.  This loss of posture can lead to changing the bottom of your swing path arc and thus lead to thin, fat and wayward shots. Ugh.


Now the good thing about all this is that we can do something about it.

TPI, Titleist Performance Institute, Golf fitness is aware of this problem.  It equips its instructors with both diagnostic and performance tools to improving cervical spine rotation.

First, I would perform a  few simple tests to see where your neck's rotational ability is at.

Secondly, if your neck needs some help (most do) we can prescribe several different exercises to strengthen and improve how your cervical spine rotates.

Here are just a few of these exercises:

Quadruped Cervical Flexion

Cervical Rotation - Quadruped with Shoulder Flexion

Cervical Rotation - Resisted Supine

With continued attention and effort we can work towards a pain free and smoother golf swing.

Read the entire TPI article on neck rotation here.

The TPI method is tried, tested and true.  Its not only for elite golfers but also for recreational golfers that just love the game.

Remember your body is the most important piece of golf equipment you have.

If you have any questions about TPI and golf fitness please contact Chris Saini at


Happy Swinging!