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Alright, time for the second girl workout of the week. It was brought to my attention this evening that this is one we haven't done for a loooong time. So without further ado... "Zoe" (just in case you are wondering the name of this Muppet is in fact Zoe) 30 muscle-ups for time If you are not quite there with your muscle up yet then work with the most challenging progression you can handle. Coaches be sure to go through the different progressions. If you are using lowered rings and pulling yourself through the transition phase then use a 2:1 ratio (i.e. for every rep you do two progressive reps) and when in doubt the classic conversion is 3:1 pull-ups and ring dips. Now since it is gymnastics day here is a link to a site that I found through Robb Wolf's blog. It is a website designed for helping to train gymnasts, or at least people who would like to be gymnasts. We may have to try out a few of their workouts on future gymnastics days. Gymnastics Bodies -Kermit